The drive to Chi Rho takes approximately 1 1/2 hours.

  1. Go west on Hwy 55 from the Twin Cities
  2. Go past Annandale for three miles
  3. Take a left on County Road 3 and go for 3 miles
  4. Turn right on County Road 129, drive about 1/2 mile where Co. Rd. 129 takes a hard left curve. Take the hard left curve and continue for another 1/2 mile
  5. Take a right on 55th street and continue (about 1/2 mile) until you see the Chi Rho sign on the right side of the road
  6. Take a right past the sign and continue driving past all the buildings until you come to the end of the road
  7. Drive up the hill and you will see the two cabins and the lodge
  8. Unpack your car and put your things in one of the empty bedrooms in either cabin. In the lodge put your food in the refrigerator or freezer in the kitchen and your snacks on one of the dining room table. Then park your car in parking spots at the bottom of the hill.

Dave lives in the house at the bottom of the hill. He may be around to help us, but otherwise he expects us to make ourselves at home.