Moving always towards the profound love of God and love of neighbor without distinction, the Friends of St. Joseph are individuals, couples and families who share the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph and Consociates by:

  • participating in existing CSJ ministries;
  • continuing our own chosen ministries;
  • creating new opportunities to connect with one another; and
  • engaging in a ministry of prayerful support.

We live the CSJ charism within the context of our own lives and responsibilities.

We strengthen and support one another by coming together as a community where we can pray, share our experiences, plan, organize, laugh, and look toward the future.

In preparing to present ourselves to the wider CSJ community in the Spring of 2017 we made this video that introduces the members of the original group:

Individuals join the Friends of St. Joseph by joining a Friends group. These groups may include Sisters and Consociates. We identify ourselves as intentionally embracing and living the CSJ mission of moving always toward profound love of God and love of neighbor without distinction.

To learn more about the Friends of Saint Joseph or to join a Friends group, please email [email protected].

Feel free to distribute our flyer!