We missed Linda Crosby. I checked with her and she agreed on the dates we set up. Our dates are:

  • October 1
  • November 12
  • December 10

Time is 1-3 pm.

Members of the Sarah’s  Sharing of the Heart Circle are:

  • Cheryl Behrent
  • Linda Crosby
  • Ann Karner
  • Margaret McRaith
  • Rita Quigley
  • Kathy Ryan

We decided:

We are striving to create a safe, sacred space to share what’s in our hearts and on our minds.

We share aware of having equal time for each one.A timer may be used to keep us on track.

Our sharing is done with no cross-talk. If a person wants feedback it may be requested by the person and will be done at the end of the sharing time or on a personal level with the requesting person. All sharing done is confidential and stays within the group.

We decided that because the 1-3 pm time is after lunch, there is no need for snacks and each person would bring her own water bottle or drink.

We will meet at Sarah’s in the Grandmother room. Each person will take a turn to start the group with a prayer or reflection piece.

Here’s what we suggested as a plan: 

  1. Informal Conversation at the beginning (about 10-15 minutes). This time is for us to catch up with each other and takes the place of a check-in. Even though there are many interesting things to talk about, we  should allow for each person to have a couple of minutes to share her present state of being.
  2. Prayer or Reflection which can include time for prayer requests or petitions.
  3. Sharing in no particular order, but with a time keeper who divides up the time by the number present and indicates to the person sharing when she has a minute left. We indicated that sometimes a topic might come up when a little extra time would be given.
  4. Closing: At this meeting, we went around with a one word response to our experience

Sometimes there may be unfinished business like setting up the schedule for our meetings after December.

Comments worth noting: Cheryl explained why residents could not be part of the group. It was because of boundary issues with her sharing. However, she feels our presence there will have a positive effects on the residents.

Kathy’s suggestion is: Could we sign up for a month to be prayer leader so we don’t have to ask every time. If the person is unable to do it she can get a substitute. Kathy did this meeting. Cheryl is doing next month. That leaves Nov.; Dec.; Jan, Feb. March would start a new cycle.

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